Coal Mining

All over the world, operators of underground coal mines rely on the quality and unique performance of our logistics systems.

In longwall mining, miners often have to contend with very adverse conditions on the haul road. The space is limited and the ground conditions are often very unstable. The move from one mining panel to the next can be over several kilometers with considerable inclines. The roof supports and shearers to be transported often weight up to 100 tons and sometimes even more. These challenges are all met with our high-performance railsystems – reliably, every day.

SMT Scharf operates internationally and is represented by its own subsidiaries in the major mining markets. The importance of alternative energies is increasing and our products support the change to a sustainable mining industry. Nevertheless, the energy requirements of large emerging economies will continue to be covered by coal for the foreseeable future. Consequently, demand for our products will continue in the coming decades.

Today, over 95 percent of sales are generated in foreign markets.

The most important European market today is Poland, where above-average economic growth compared to the rest of Europe combined with a high proportion of longwall is considered to be particularly attractive for SMT Scharf.

In addition, Russia, where the largest number of installed railroads is located, and China, which represents the largest future sales potential due to its enormous size, are the most important markets for our rail systems and services.

South Africa provides a bridgehead for the countries south of the Sahara. Here SMT Scharf represents the market leader for chairlifts in hard rock mining (mineral mining) and expect rail systems business to increase.