Safety, reliability, and efficiency top the list of requirements in underground mining and tunneling.

For efficient operation, personnel, materials, and other loads must be transported quickly and safely – regardless of difficult conditions. These essentially include changing steep gradients, limited height, restricted space, dust, etc.

SMT Scharf offers optimal customer-oriented solutions for all areas of underground mining: mineral mining, coal mining and tunneling. When it comes to transport solutions with rail-bound systems, we are at the top of the premium segment. Regardless of whether people or materials are to be transported: For time- and route-optimized transport in different areas, we set the standards factors for safety, machine quality, high performance as well as gradeability and pulling force.

Where other conveying methods quickly reach their limits even on medium gradients, SMT Scharf’s transport solutions make headway without any problems. These are certified for inclines of up to 35 degrees and can transport loads of up to 48 tons. And where physics sets a limit to frictional forces,

our solutions prove to be particularly flexible – for example, an optional gear drive can be added to our monorails.

But also in hard rock and mineral mining as well as in tunneling, our solutions in the rubber-tired vehicle segment prove to be a real benefit for our customers. Our liquid-cooled batteries are among the safest solutions that can be used for battery electric vehicles (BEV) underground. In addition, our battery-electric light vehicles, LHD’s and trucks are true “cost savers”. This is because these emission-free transport solutions and the reduced heat radiation contribute to a significantly lower demand for cooling and fresh air. This so-called ventilation, depending on the mine and geological situation, can amount to up to 30% of the energy costs.

Your mine is not suitable for the use of BEVs? Then you will certainly find a suitable alternative among our diesel vehicles – or you talk to us and we will find a solution that is exactly tailored to your needs.